Nov 17

Mailto Links

A friend of mine just asked me how to embed a “mailto” link in a post. Here is the code: <a href=””> Click here if you’d like to send mail to someone</a> Here’s an example: Click here if you’d like to send someone mail You can even add a body to the email: <a href=””> …

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Nov 13

NaNoWriMo, Dreams, And A Few Pom Poms.

Sorry for not positing in the last few days. It’s no excuse, but NaNoWriMo is being very territorial and claiming all my spare time (what spare time?). It’s like I’ve entered a shadowy netherworld where all I do is write. And it’s great! At least, for the creative juices. This morning I never quite woke …

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Oct 30

Disney Is Acquiring Lucasfilm Ltd. & The Star Wars Franchise

I never saw that coming! DISNEY TO ACQUIRE LUCASFILM LTD. Thanks to Jacqueline Lichtenberg for mentioning this story.

Oct 29

How To Get Honest Book Reviews For Your Novel

Great post by Tonya Kappes: How To Get Reviews For Your Novel. Thanks to Brenda M. Collins (@bcollinswriter) for tweeting the link.

Oct 17

Google Data Centers & the Warehouse at the end of Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark

Google Data Center

Remember the last scene of the first Indian Jones movie? The shot of the enormously gargantuan warehouse whose isles seemed to stretch into infinity? Remember how the whole thing was filled with wooden crates? Replace the crates with data drives and you’re looking at one of Google’s data centers. Here’s how Steven Levy, senior writer …

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Oct 14

Lucid Dreaming: What It Is And How To Do It

A few years ago I read one of Stephen LaBerge‘s books on lucid dreaming and tried his methods to induce lucid dreams. I had a lucid dream or two but then I got cats and each morning woke to an expectant furry face meowing at me. Cats have no appreciation for dream journals! My dream …

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Oct 13

Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

I love everything about Penelope Trunk’s blog: her writing style, her frankness, and the many quirky, bizarrely interesting, facts she shares. Today she talked about bedbugs. Did you know that even nice hotels, such as the W New York, have bed bugs? Did you know that Disney World uses dogs to sniff the little varmints …

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Oct 05

How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Cat Toy: The Bobine

It looks great! My cats would love it. To read more about The Bobine, click here: A super bendy phone cable and tripod in one.

Oct 03

Animal Clothes Hangers

Animal clothes hangers. I SO want one! Thanks to for the link. To read the original article, click here: Animal clothes hangers.

Oct 03

Canada’s Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve, Theft, and ‘Hot Syrup’ Jokes

Yes, that’s right, Canada has a strategic maple syrup reserve. Recently $20 million of maple syrup was stolen. Well, it’s been found. Photo credit: elPadawan

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